Quarry Fold Studio


Since the dawn of time…

Well, OK, not that long but since nineteen eighty six Quarry Fold Studio has been been providing design solutions to the themed entertainment, visitor attraction and event industries.

So who are we?

We have brought together a small team of passionate fine artists, designers and animators with a mix of youthful enthusiasm and sage like experience. We cover a broad range of disciplines that ideally fit projects in the world of theme design. We also have long standing collaborative relationships with trusted engineers, architects, writers and suppliers who complete the skills spectrum. Diverse projects demand diverse skills and expertise.

It’s all about the process.

A conversation, an idea, a concept, a sketch, an argument, an agreement, more talk, more drawing, some computers, a model, presentations, more talking, meetings, a movie, some beautiful pictures. However it goes we delight in the process, creativity can’t  thrive in isolation. Partnerships, co-operation, support and a sense of drama, fun, enthusiasm and plain hard work; that’s our process.



How we do it.

The over used adage, a picture is worth a thousand words, is the most succinct description of how we do it. We visualise; we sketch, draw, colour, capture, record, model, photograph our way from concept to completion. Why do we do it? Because we are passionate…


Telling stories

From good brand communication to creating a successful exhibition it’s all about telling a good story, presenting information in a memorable way. Great stories are key to creating depth in visitor attractions. We must elicit an emotional response in people, empathy, discomfort, enthusiasm, engaging with them so they engage. We employ all kinds of techniques from theatre, special effects, dramatic architectural spaces, multimedia, there are no boundaries. An exhibition can just be printed graphics and glass cases but we would like the opportunity to readjust that perspective.


Being a famous designer is like being a famous dentist.     Noreen Morioka

We don’t want to be famous…

We often work as an invisible partner. We are quite happy to beaver away behind the scenes. If the client is happy and we are doing good work then we are happy too.

…though we do like to be loved.

Everyone likes a pat on the back. It’s just human nature. A quick phone call to say thank you or a national award, they can both make your day. We’ve picked up Awards from the Themed Entertainment Association and the Swedish Museums Association. Quarry Fold Studio is an IAAPA member, oh and sometimes we get a pat on the back.