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'AtmosFear is the tallest free fall attraction in Europe, in terms of both the fall height and the building in which it is housed. There is really only one other attraction in the world that can be compared with AtmosFear, and that is in Australia.

The ride starts underground in the basement of the tower, and from there it takes around 90 seconds to reach the top. The return journey is somewhat faster – you are in free fall for just over three seconds. Reaching a speed of over 100 kilometres per hour, passengers plummet back underground, as the brakes aren’t applied until you reach the basement. During braking, passengers are subjected to the maximum g-force allowed: 4 g.

Liseberg Tower, which was opened in 1990, has served for 20 years as a comfortable lookout point. Now the protective gondola is removed and replaced with seats and safety bars. This means that passengers sit out in the open air with their legs dangling free as they fall.'


Quarry Fold helped design all the aesthetics for this ride. Our designs encompassed the entire experience from the moment you enter the queue, to sitting nervously in the purposely themed seats to the internal scenery you view as you plummet back to earth, everything is integral in keeping the experience as memorable as possible.

Height of tower: 116 metres

Elevation above sea level: 146 metres

Speed: 110 kph

g-force: 4 positive g

Constructed by: Intamin

Number of passengers per run: 36

Brake type: magnetic

Ride time: approx. 2 minutes

Capacity: 600 passengers/hour


Free Fall Ride




April 2011

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