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'Welcome to Kaninlandet - a special area for children, and Liseberg Rabbits' own universe of children's attractions, cafés, shops, wheel of fortune and games.
Play around and have fun with the rabbits!

Kaninlandet is the rabbits’ own universe right in the heart of Liseberg.'


Quarry Fold Studio was involved from conception to completion with the development of the themed area Kaninlandet based around the parks mascot the green rabbit. We were delighted to help bring this long running characters to the forefront of the public eye once again, helping design the layout for the area, the theming for the rides, creating marketing material, designing signs and much more that would help children become immersed in this colourful world. 

Area: 10,000 square metres.
Rides: 13 attractions, Bushållplatsen, Cyklonen, Flygis, Hissningen, Hoppalång, Högspänningen, Kaninlandsbanan, Lilla Lots, Rabalder, Kaninresan, Stampbanan, Teacups, Tuta & Kör


Themed Land




2013 - Curret

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