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Liseberg's Grand Curiosa Hotel opened in 2023 in the heart of Gothenburg immediately next to Liseberg's theme park. It has over 450 guest rooms over 30,000sqm. Quarry Fold Studio has had the pleasure of working on the hotel from conception to completion. We have been involved in all aspects of the design, including the exterior visualisations during early planning, the interior design including art direction, signage and the central sculpture spanning the whole central staircase, to the marketing images used to convey what the hotel would look like and many other aspects. The hotel is a family destination that offers an out of the ordinary experience following a very unique storyline around a collection of objects brought back from the founders extravagant travels with the Swedish East India Company. We worked alongside many different companies to see this design come to fruition including Wingårdhs Architect's and NCC. It was a long standing project that ran alongside Lisebergs Ocean, both projects which were developed to celebrate Lisebergs 100 year history and add to the resorts growing offerings.




Liseberg, Sweden


2015 - 2023

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