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The new waterpark at Liseberg will be the resorts second gate and was scheduled to open in 2024 prior to an unfortunate fire at the site in Febuary which has set the project back. We have been involved in the project since its early conception phases and have been through many iterations of layouts, providing visuals and concepts for what the park would look like upon completion. Once the final designs where set in stone, construction began and Quarry Fold Studio helped with art direction of the whole project making sure the creative vision, storyline and initial design intent was carried out throughout the project. This meant helping with the decisions around fixtures, fittings, colours, rock work designs, attraction layouts and effects, while designing signs, logos, wayfinding principles, marketing materials and much more. Overall the project is a collaboration with many teams who have worked for a number of years to see the project to fruition and is the culmination of joy and fun that the main Liseberg park brings to Gothenburg, extended here to create a whole new adventure for families and friends to experience in a brand new way.




Liseberg, Sweden


2015 - Present

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