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Liseberg's Luna Park was a multi year project celebrating innovation and technology with a focus on the electric promise of tomorrow that was very much alive in the 1920's. The final phase of the project opened in 2023 to coincide with the 100 year anniversary of Liseberg and was all based around the energy and feeling of the world expo held there in 1923 which marked the beginning of the theme park as we know it today. First opening in 2022, two flat rides Tempus themed to time travel and Turbo themed to the steam powered motor bike began the areas transformation. In 2023 Luna (family boomerang coaster) themed to space exploration, Kapten Nybergs (shop) designed as a travelling blimp shop, Miniburgaren (fast food outlet), Glasberget (fast food outlet), Zoohjulet (lucky wheel game) all made to look like worlds fair stands and the refreshed toilets in the area all opened to complete the additions to what was Lisebergs Trädgård, a garden themed area.  The brief was to enhance the area, entice guests up the hill, adding to Lisebergs already eclectic portfolio of attractions, complementing the existing attractions in the area and creating a family experience where all members of the family could have fun. We worked on the whole area including theming design for the attractions, shops, games and toilets, signage, graphics, planning and the marketing campaign for the attractions and the whole area.


Themed Area, 3 Attractions, 1 shop, 2 Fast Food Outlets, 1 Games Unit, Toilets




April 2022 - April 2023

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