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The ‘giant’ of Liseberg – ready to swing into battle…

Introducing Loke - Liseberg’s new attraction open in time for the summer season. Passengers are thrown into battle as the spinning gondola reaches a breath-taking 42 meters in the air – even higher than Balder – and frighteningly close too - so close it feels as if the two attractions are about to collide!

Loke new attraction at liseberg 2017, Liseberg Youtube

Introduced as part of the ‘Myths and Legends’ area Quarry Fold Studio has had the pleasure of working on the design for Liseberg's latest attraction.

The giant swing has a maximum speed of 100 km/h and an impressive 27 metres high...

In Norse mythology Loke is described as the treacherous and insidious of all the giants of Asgard. Loke plans the murder of Balder – the friendliest of Gods – The fight between the two is now ready to commence at Liseberg.

Dare you become a part of the battle?

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Coupons:4 ride coupons

Minimum height- and age limit:130 cm and 7 years

Manufacturer: Intamin

Attraction type: Gyro Swing

Max. height of gondola:42 m

Max. angle of swing: 120 degrees

Max. speed: 100 kph

Number of passengers/ride: 40

Ride duration: 100 seconds

Capacity:600-700 passengers/hour


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