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Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Liseberg has been awarded the fourth best theme park in Europe at the European Star Awards during the annual trade fair for amusement parks in Berlin.

The mighty Balder came top of the list for the best wooden roller coaster, whilst Helix bagged third place in the steel roller coaster category, both which Quarry Fold Studio helped to design - a wonderful result for Liseberg and all those involved in the past, present and future of the park.

Balder via

“ Liseberg will never be a theme park in the way some others are. As we expand, we are working with themed environments, but we are doing it with a light touch. We are never going to be a Western themed park, a space park or whatever... The overall theme of the park is that it is a pleasure garden, an urban escape with the rides, greenery etc. As we develop the park we are working with our heritage but trying to refocus and upgrade the environments that we have. ”

Andreas Anderson, Blooloop, 28th September 2017

Helix Loop via


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