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A look back at posters we created for last years Halloween season

With the Halloween season in full swing we look back at some posters we created for Halloween 2017 at Liseberg in Sweden. Every year Liseberg transforms into a haunted hollow full of colour, frights and laughter. Whether your a child hunting for candy in a pumpkin covered landscape or an adult looking for a thrilling evening filled with rides and frights, Liseberg has something for you at Halloween.

For the last few years we have had the opportunity of creating posters not only to advertise the park as a whole at Halloween but also to advertise experiences coming to specific areas of the park and scare mazes. Each year several scare mazes are created through the park and guests have the opportunity to test their will as they travel through them.

Last years new scare maze was Vinden, set in an attic full of forgotten children. We had great fun creating this atmospheric poster and the logo. The maze is open again this year so you can experience the fear once more!

You can find out more about this years activities at Liseberg over Halloween by following this link


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