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The studio takes a trip to Liseberg over Halloween to enjoy the seasonal activities!

We finally had the chance to nip over to Sweden for the weekend and take in all the Halloween festivities and ride Valkyria, the latest attraction at Liseberg which we helped create. The park looked amazing covered in over 25,000 pumpkins and covered head to toe in decorations for the season, and with some of the best walk through scare attractions in the industry.

One of the highlights for the whole team was being able to ride Valkyria, which we were involved with the creation of from start to finish, particularly the station building and ride vehicle. To see the structure in real life and realise that it was actually quite close to our final visualisations was a great pleasure for everyone. It is definitely one of the standout attractions within the park with the station building and huge imposing drop really attracting your eye, while not taking over the park.

We managed to get virtually everyone on the coaster, however the imposing drop was a bit too much for some! Those that went on it however absolutely loved it and said it was one of the smoothest coasters they have ever been on. If only we lived closer!


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