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Following the success of Tomtehustet in 2021 the new Christmas area expansion covering the Myths and Legends area and some of the Harbour area opened in 2022. Tomtebyn, or Santas Village was added to the Christmas offerings at Liseberg park. This new area incorporated already established design principles from Santas house (Tomtehuset) from the previous year and spread them throughout the area, adding jolly reds and greens, through baubles, lanterns, signs and fir trees throughout the area. It also added new experiences including three new stage shows, one on the newly built advent stage and two in the transformed Polketten (now Nissestugen for the winter season), two transformed fast food outlets, a Christmas shop, a new Elf Adventure (Nisseädventyret) where you could use a map to locate mischievous elves throughout the village and other photo opportunities and experiences. Quarry Fold Studio was at the heart of the art direction for all aspects of Tomtebyn and created the area map, along with graphics and signage throughout the area. It was a joy to spread the Christmas cheer out across the park for guests to enjoy and embrace the challenge of transforming a rustic nordic area during summer that is aimed at teenagers, into a cheery Christmas land that appealed to all the family including a much younger audience.


Themed Christmas Area


Liseberg, Sweden


November 2022

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