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Underlandet is an immersive dark ride at Liseberg theme park which further extends the themed land Kaninlandet into the rabbits underground world. Finally you can take a trip underground to explore the back stage workings of Kaninlandet and see what the rabbits get up to when they aren't out and about in the park! Quarry Fold Studios have been involved in the design of Underlandet from its initial conception all the way through to completion. Story was always at the heart of the attraction design and we hope to have created a visual feast for all the family to enjoy. It was great to work with so many amazing companies from all over the world including P&P ProjectsIMA Score and Gosetto who all collaborated to see this project through to fruition.

Underlandet has won two awards, the 2021 European Star Award for 'Europe's Best New Ride' and first place in the Park World Excellence Awards 2021 for 'Best Dark Ride'.


Dark Ride




2017 - 2021

Video courtesy of Liseberg.

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